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KWA as the exclusive administrator of the Chinese Duanwei Grading System

Kung Fu Wushu Australia is pleased to announce that on 30th July 2014, our
President, Mr Walt Missingham and the President of Chinese Wushu
Association, Mr Gao Xiajun, formally signed an agreement to recognise KWA as
the exclusive administrator of the Chinese Duanwei Grading System in the
Australia-Oceana region.

The agreement is a major development for Australian Wushu as it enables KWA
to formally grade and recognise the level of skill and achievement of
practitioners and instructors in our region.  The Duanwei Grading System is
recognised by Wushu associations worldwide.

The arrangement enables KWA to independently conduct gradings up to 3rd
Duan.  KWA can organise gradings of 4-6 Duan in Australia with the expertise
of Chinese examiners in attendance.  KWA can further recommend suitable
practitioners to apply for 7-9 Duan in China.

CWA will assist KWA with the implementation of the system and initial
grading events by providing expert support and personnel.

We are excited about the future of the Duanwei Grading System in our region,
and look forward to announcing events in the near future.

Photo caption
© Copyright 2014 KWA. Gao Xiajun and Walt Missingham at offical signing of the Agreement

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