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Integrity and Conduct Review Committee

KWA National President, Walt Missingham, has today announced the formation
of an Integrity and Conduct Review Committee (ICRC).

The Committee, which will be chaired by a retired Magistrate or Solicitor
will review the conduct of Kung Fu Wushu with reference to four key areas:

1. The ICRC will investigate the intrusion of drug cheating into our
sport: its occurrence, possible occurrence, and the potential for it to
occur. It will review KWA’s current approach to drug testing, and where
appropriate recommend actions to minimise the risks of drug cheating.

2. The ICRC will investigate as far as possible the intrusion of organised
crime into our sport: any occurrence, possible occurrence, and the potential
for it to occur. This will specifically include risks from Chinese Triad
organisations. The ICRC will where possible recommend actions to be taken to
minimise the risks.

3. The ICRC will seek to identify, and investigate the involvement of
any official or athlete in corrupt or potentially corrupt activity such as
event or match fixing, bribery’ pre-selection or selection processes, and
sponsorship. Such activities may include seeking payment for (pre)selection;
seeking specifically cash payment for materials or services and otherwise
seeking to influence a selection process for athletes seeking to compete
internationally. The ICRC will make recommendations as appropriate to ensure
adequate control measures for future risks.

4. The ICRC will note and investigate as appropriate, any cases of
possible or actual corrupt practices by individuals within State and
National Kung Fu/Wushu bodies, as it is considered that where this occurs or
has occurred, there is potential for direct and indirect impacts on athletes
and our sport.

The full Review Report of the ICRC will be provided to the Australian Sports
Commission and IWUF.

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