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Kung Fu Wushu Australia National Secretary Neal Hardy has officially smashed
his own World Record! In 2008 he earned the World Record for the heaviest
weight of concrete to be smashed on his chest while lying on a bed of nails,
with 532.3 kg - over half a tonne. Not at all satisfied with this, Grand
Master Hardy decided to try to break his own Record, at the 2012 National
Multicultural Festival.

So at the Chinese New Year Celebrations in Petrie Plaza, on 12 February this
year, he had 774.99 Kg of concrete placed on his chest. The concrete was
smashed to bits by his senior student Master Patrick Bellchambers, using a
14 lb sledgehammer, to the delight of the crowd.

While a very challenging feat, with the aid of his Chi, or Internal Energy,
Grand Master Hardy withstood the enormous weight of more than three quarters
of a tonne of concrete on his chest, while lying on new 6 nails spaced 2
apart from each other, without any harm. His training in Pai Lum or White
Dragon Kung Fu, enables him to harness the power of his mind, his body and
spirit, to achieve the seeming impossible.

Grand Master Hardy is very glad of the support he received, from the Chinese
Community, fellow members of Kung Fu Wushu ACT, his students, and Minister
Joy Burch MLA (who helped in his preparation, by standing on his chest while
he lay on the bed of nails).

Guinness World Records TM necessarily has demanding requirements for those
wishing to break a World Record, and it took Grand Master Hardy some months
to assemble the required documentation, but he now holds his new

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