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Recipient of Kung Fu Wushu Victoria's First Lifetime Achievement Award

Active in the martial arts since the 1970's Charles' contributions and
sacrifices to further the cause of Chinese martial arts where honored when
KWV's first lifetime achievement award was presented to Master Charles Tsui
Po on the 4th of August at the 2012 Victorian Kung Fu Wushu Championships.

The award was presented by KWV President Dana Wong and KWA President Walt
Missingham. Dana commented that "Charles was unquestionably one of the
leading lights and pioneers in Victorian martial arts"

Walt noted as he presented the award: "Our sport, our art and our
organisation is the richer and the better for your selfless and outstanding
contributions over the last forty years"

A full outline of Charles achievements is here, Charles photo gallery is here

Walt Missingham, Charles Tsui Po and Dana Wong at the
award presentation

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