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The kick boxer Mark Fowler died following his participation in a kick boxing
event held on Saturday the 13th of August at 'Fontana Amorosa'. The event
was conducted by Taipan Promotions.

The death occurred after Mark sustained a head injury in the weekend bout.

Mark Fowler, who held British citizenship and was the World Boxing Council
Muay Thai Lightweight champion for New South Wales, collapsed after a match
on Saturday night and failed to regain consciousness. He died on Monday

It is understood that Fowler, 35, who lived in Sydney, fought five rounds
against his opponent before being knocked down.

New South Wales Sports Minister Graham Annesley has ordered an inquiry into
the death, which occurred after a NSW World Muay Thai Council event, and
will be investigated by the coroner.

"I have also instructed the Office of Communities to implement any
additional precautions considered necessary to ensure all similar upcoming
events fully comply with current legislation and safety requirements," he

MAIA President, Walt Missingham, has commented that: "the death is both
tragic and avoidable as the MAIA has provided numerous reports to the State
and Federal Governments as well as SCORS (Standing Committee On Recreation
and Sport) advising them of the need for greater controls and in fact warned
them of the potential for a fatality, clearly these warnings were ignored.

Administration and event officials need to be accredited by either the
Australian Sports Commission or the Martial Arts Industry Association,

Failing this the MAIA is of the view that if our recommendations are not
implemented we can expect further fatalities".

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